builds history


1.12.20177.5.4.221Bugfix FFViewer/Processing/Copies/project:
manual renaming of documents.
Bugfix Start of FFViewer if authorization is only viewing of documents.
14.11.20177.5.4.220Bugfix FFViewer/Processing/Copies:
double copy of dft, handling missing link, getting first model name.
14.09.20177.5.4.219FFViewer: magnifying glass in preview starts associated program, if OCX is missing.
  FFViewer: reworked menus, especially for viewer places.
12.09.20177.5.4.218FFEdge: backgroudsheets with blocks will be replaced correctly.
  FFViewer: possible installation as 32bit, preview may be missing on viewer places.
01.09.20177.5.4.216FFEdge: changing backgroundsheets adapted for ST10.
31.08.20177.5.4.215Adapted setup for ST10. See Installation prerequisites.
28.04.20177.5.4.202FFViewer\Processing\Revisioning\Restrictions: only update (new model revisions are installed in new revisions)
Update database for openend documents on start of SE.
18.04.20177.5.4.201FFEdge: write mass for user defined physical properties.
06.04.20177.5.4.200FFViewer: Reworked Rename, added Move (one File).
28.03.20177.5.4.199FFViewer: Reworked Deletion.
FFViewer/Edit/Copy: Restriction for drafts extended. Now all, no or selected drafts is possible.
20.03.20177.5.4.198FFViewer: No errormessage on correcting readonly attribute.
15.03.20177.5.4.197FFViewer: remember windowsize of SEViewer (in registry).
FFViewer: Reworking family of assembly handling for creating revisions.
FFViewer: correct error message when starting a draft.
FFViewer: history in dropdown of search works again as desired.
08.03.20177.5.4.193FFPrep: Revert to 32Bit.
FF*: Reworking family of assembly handling for changing stati.
13.02.20177.5.4.191FFViewer: Enable X64.
FFViewer/FFEdge: e-mail using Portnumber for smtp - server.
30.01.20177.5.4.190FFEdge: Mark main properties as mandatory.
FFViewer/mainfunction: SE 2D Drafting (without programming interface) start without error message.
FFViewer/mainfunction: bugfix starting SE for place draft.
FFViewer/search: remember last search selection.
FFViewer/main window: open all selected documents.
FFViewer/revisions: bugfix "Jump to" is possibly greyed out.
DLM: correct sql param with blank in name.
FFEdge: open corresponding draft for family of assembly.
FFViewer: assemble for family of assembly.
22.09.20167.5.4.180FFViewer: New -> Open a Solid Edge document as write protected by menu or ctrl doubleclick.
17.09.20167.5.4.178FFViewer: Show selected and missing linked Files with red Background.
  FFViewer: Correct calculation of Date/Time span
15.09.20167.5.4.177Going to VS2015!
  FFViewer: Hiding some x, where cancel is not wanted.
  FFViewer: Possible selection of a subset of custom properties for search/filter.
07.09.20167.5.4.176FFViewer: New -> Search/Filter of text in a group of properties (Multiple)
  FFViewer: Redesign and Rework of "Search/Filter" and "Organize favorites".
21.08.20167.5.4.172FFViewer: Sorted view of custom properties.
  FFViewer: Help F1 corresponding to selected panel.
  FFViewer: Bugfix for view of log directory.
09.08.20167.5.4.171Common: !!!Bugfix for standardization of links for watchfolder files.
  Common: Bugfix: correct path for language selection.
14.07.20167.5.4.170Setup: changed startmenu path depending on Windows Version >=10.
  FFEdge: Offer new Custom Property again after changing one.
  FFViewer: Handling of not defined Table Column corrected (return empty String).
  FFEdge: correct insert of xls* document (duplicate error ignored).
22.06.20167.5.4.169FFViewer: bugfix for dockpanel (if usage not yet defined) and for config changed event on close.
22.06.20167.5.4.168FFViewer: Ask to release an obsolete document.
22.06.20167.5.4.167FFViewer: Render StatusStrip with default system renderer.
17.06.20167.5.4.166FFViewer: Statusbar --> StatusStrip (Colors).
16.06.20167.5.4.165FFViewer: Toggle for display mode of old revisions (all, none, dimmed).
15.06.20167.5.4.164FFViewer: extended assemble with origin fixed.
  FFViewer: Selection of export template path (on Cancel)
  FFViewer: Bugfix checking mandatory custom fields on release
  FFEdge: Disable open corresponding draft, if there is none.
09.06.20167.5.4.160FFViewer: Documents with broken links are searchable (after check run, click Context)
04.06.20167.5.4.158FFEdge: Automatic open of saved copy if wanted(and/or close of original document)
03.06.20167.5.4.155FFViewer: Checking madatory fields on release documents.
  Common: Moved Files from ProgramData\FastFinder to ProgramData\CF Computer\FastFinder
  FFPrep: Bugfix for selecting userfields on defining mandatory fields
02.06.20167.5.4.154FFPrep: Graphical userinterface for defining mandatory fields.
31.05.20167.5.4.153FFViewer: simplifying template selection. Add a zip export-template. do shortkey translations. new->selectable designs and colors.
12.05.20167.5.4.145FFEdge: new->exchange of draft background sheets. rebuild folderfilter and categoryfilter on reload.
04.05.20167.4.4.143FFViewer: additional columns title,theme,author,comment,category,company and material at first start.
  FFPrep: automatic creation of first user as administrator.
  FFViewer: removed close button from details view.
  FFViewer: internals -> filters for folders, categories reworked; docking and ribbon reworked.
21.04.20167.4.4.142All: Access debug files while program is running
20.04.20167.4.4.141FFViewer: export -> Add powershell example for scripting. -> Removed export submenus
  FFViewer: Bugfix NPE, if clicked twice on " selection..." in UsageFilter
Setup: add parameter (task) notViewer -> If viewer, the update.exe will not be run.

Setup: Licence may be file in programdata/fastfinder (if not in db)
FFViewer: add usage filter
Setup: Change for silent instalation: unregister
FFViewer changed F11,F12, add AltF11, AltF12, CtrlF12 for copy to clipboard
Moved all Logfiles (and templates) to CommonApplicationData. Add a button in FFViewer for quick access.
FFViewer: within the Plus - Version there is now a configurable export. The syntax is shown in the examples.

FFPrep: now alternative Positions are imported (prerequisite ST7 and following).
Licensefile: Import moved from FFPrep/config to separate button
FFViewer: you can now change the background color changed on filtered