To create the database, a computer running an instance of Microsoft SQL - server must be given. If no default instance is to be used, the instance name with \ is to be appended to the computer name. If the database is not yet created, the button Create is active, otherwise the button is called Remove.

To change the server name \ instance of the database you must click on change.
Appears on the button when the database was created.
Configuring different settings are possible.


Here it comes to document management.
Add documents
A wizard guides you through this task. Single documents, folders and directories including their subdirectories can be selected for storage / update in the database. Non - Solid Edge - documents can be imported to the special tables. Their extension/s must be shown in the heading of the special table (use Configuration).
Remove documents
There are two variants here. The first is an automatic database purging. Files no longer contained in the directory are removed from the database. In the second, the documents can be as selected and added to a list. These documents are then deleted from the database.

Special tasks (administrator)

Import license
The license file will be saved into the database. So it is available for each workingplace.
License verification
The license information will be read from database an a short info is shown.
Get Sheet Formats
The formats table is filled from an Excel file. The title block definition is determined from the template file and the background sheet. A sample file exists and can be customized according to your needs.
Get properties
The Excel file for various tasks related to the properties is read. The name of the properties are described in the Appendix. The description is shown in the sample file and fill out the above description of the title block (signature field). The tasks are title block, mandatory fields, import and export. Mandatory fields, import and export can be configured separately for each SE document type.
Get categories
The definition for the categorization of components and assemblies can be copied from an Excel file or a text file either. There are sample files included.
Define mandatory fields
You do no longer need to define mandatory fields by an excel sheet and import that into the database.
But the other informations about properties usage (title block, import, export) are still definied with help of an excel sheet, so import them before defining the madatory fields. Otherwise they will be overwritten.
For usage of mandatory fields, you have still to check the switch in config "You want to work with mandatory fields?"