Watched directories
Only documents below the watched directories are stored in the Fast Finder. Disk directories and / or UNC - paths are possible. At least one entry is mandatory before documents can be inported into the database.
An automatic update of not uptodate drafts can be preset here.
The use of mandatory fields can be turned on here. If no mandatory fields are defined, the fields documentnumber and articlenumber are taken automatically, if demo license is used.


Here the FastFinder user names are entered and assigned their rights. There is the hierarchical authorization groups viewer, editor, approver and administrator.

For each viewer the visible documents are selected via the status. Only documents of the respective status are displayed.
For each editor the deletion of own documents can be defined, separately for each status.
For each approver the deletion of documents can be defined, separately for each status.
During the approving processing an e-mail can be generated. The needed e-mail addresses can be entered here.
The alias replaces the fields author, editor, etc in the title block and is automatically filled in "Originally posted by".
The language can be selected from the existing translations.
Note: A special feature is the user who created the database (dbo). Although this may be a permission assigned a authorization below Administrator (ignore error message) the access to database functions for this user can be restricted only within the Fast Finder.

Special tables

There are three so-called special tables possible. The header of the table is entered and the directory for the files to be included in this table. The directory can be located anywhere below a watched directory. Note: A special feature is implemted if giving a non-Solid Edge document type in the header field. The corresponding files are imported and shown in this table.

Selection lists

Here the list of the property key words is maintained.
For the default property category a list can be defined as well. If this list is empty, the field is treated like the other selection fields in the metadata.


For document number, item number, project name, topic, company, category, title, manager, comment and material designations are possible.

Main Customfields

Prior to filling the database, up to 10 custom properties can be specified . These are automatically added to the main table and can be displayed there. They can be selected in the standard search function. The Benennung1, Benennung2 and Benennung3 fields have been taken as predefined from the version 4 of FastFinder. They can be overwritten.


To use the E-mail notification, the account information is defined. If no authentication is necessary for the internal dispatch may account for the smtp entry application.


The Base value for creation a revision should be entered ("1", "a", "A", "01", "a", "A"). The separator is used for generating the filename. If the revision number should not appear in the file name, the file name assistent can be used to determine the file name. You can define your own revision fields to send to legend texts to reference in the draft template. Here is to define the name of the corresponding user fields. The revision number is automatically added to the name in the Prefix and Postfix between revisioning.