The file menu

The file menu


The selected file is opened in Solid Edge or Solid Edge viewer, depending on what is installed on the computer.


The selected component is incorporated into the open Solid Edge assembly.

If Solid Edge is not started, then Solid Edge opens with an empty assembly.

The button is halved. Clicking on the upper part you can use the assemble options in Solid Edge. Clicking on the bottom part the selected model is assembled with the option fixed at the origin.

Draft wizard

The selected model is given to the draft wizard of Solid Edge. To do this a draft (may be empty) must be open in the Solid Edge active window.

If Solid Edge is not started, then Solid Edge opens with an empty draft.


In Solid Edge the optionsdialog for partcopy will appear immediately. The open file dialog is omitted. The selected part in Fast Finder is passed to Solid Edge.

If Solid Edge is not started, then Solid Edge is startet with the parts environment.

The file menu part 2


The selected document is opened in Solid Edge revisionmanager.

Actions of the revisionmanager cannot be directly transferred to the Fast Finder database. With the help of FFSync you can do automated update of the FastFinder database for such changes. A manual selective import is possible with FFPrep.

With version 6 of FastFinder all functions of the revisionmanager should be feasible directly in FFViewer / Processing / Copies.

View and markup

The selected document is opened with Solid Edge view and markup.

The document is displayed with view and markup. It may take some time because the pcf file must be created first.

Opened documents

Here you see all documents opened by Solid Edge with an active FastFinder add-in.

Print with p4SE

P4SE is an tool by CF Computer for automated printing and plotting.


In the lower part, there are the static functions of the explorer.
With "Select in explorer" the selected file of FFViewer will be shown in a new explorer window.
The following functions are for preparation or correction of imported files.
Only selected files are handled.

  1. "Get documentnumber/revision from filename"
    First you are asked, if you want to overwrite an existing documentnumber.
    Then, if to get the revision from the filenames, the part behind the revision delimiter (set in FFPrep config).
  2. "Rename custom property"
    You have to input the old and the new name of the property.
  3. "Delete custom property"
    You have to input the name of the property to delete.
  4. "Change directory of additional documents"
    In FFedge there is the possibility of assigning arbitrary files to a Solid Esdge document. These are written into custom fields with the complete path. So if rearranging paths in explorer or changing the name of the server, you can correct the entries with this function.
  5. "Check for missing documents"
    The result is searchable/filterable in the main window and you can add a document column "Missing documents".
    It is a boolean field, shown by default as a checkbox. Documents with not solvable links get a check (true).