The documents of the mainview can be searched and the number of visible documents can be reduced by filtering.
You can select, if search or filter is already done during input of the search criteria.
To create the search criteria, the common properties, the custom properties, property groups (multiple) or saved favorites may be selected.
Shared favorites of other users will be shown.

For each criterion an input form is generated.
They will be placed in the order of creation on the window and execution of the search goes the same way. From input to input the hit count of the search result decreases, that means the criteria are linked together with a logical and.

Depending on the datatyp of the property, different controls are generated.:

text input

Comparators are: "contains", "is", "begins with" and "contains not".


Comparators are: =, >, <, <=, >= und <> (unequal).
For defining a sector you must add the control twice.



Multiple: text in group of properties

Text in custom property
Comparators are: "contains", "is", "begins with" and "contains not".

The selection of properties can be saved as a favorite.

If you change the tab, the search definition still remains and executed for the new tab.
Starting the viewer shows the last used query.